Magnet Max Book Cover

Magnet Max loves experimenting with magnets. He knows all about how they work and loves using them to attract new types of things. But when he shows them to his friend Nick, the other boy is baffled. Will magnets stick to a paperclip? A refrigerator? A horse? How do they work anyway? It must be magic!


Join Max and Nick as the explore science behind the magic. Discover which objects are attracted and why some are while others aren't. In Magnet Max, Monica Hughes uses her experience as an educator to explain scientific concepts in clear, easy-to-follow language. Catchy rhymes and the colorful illustrations of Holly Weinstein add to the fun. Watch your children's curiosity come to life as they explore the wonders of magnetism with Magnet Max.

Magnet Max: Sing It with Science Kit . . . Writer and educator Monica L. Hughes offers a new time- saving tool for teachers and parents alike: a packaged kit featuring children's book Magnet Max and Hughes' new CD, Sing It with Science. This disc features eleven science-themed songs, including “Seasons,” “Movement,” “What Is a Scientist?,” “Plant Chant,” and more. Classic and memorable tunes make for fun, easy learning, and laminated lyric sheets allow you to follow along with each song. This engaging resource is a perfect and entertaining introduction to the foundations of science.

Little Rachel loves to build blocks, take walks and play with friends. But what Rachel loves most is learning. As she learns to read, she falls in love with books and all the secrets and stories they share. Where will the magic of reading take Rachel next?

In Reading Rachel, educator and author Monica Hughes brings to life the importance and joy of reading with gleeful, easy-to-follow rhymes and vibrant illustrations by Cynthia Meadows. Kids can't resist reading with Rachel.


 "If understanding how children acquire literacy has always baffled you, this book unlocks one child's journey into a literate life."

- Sandy Brown, Elementary Language Arts Coordinator